Our Program

Our professional and committed carers at Kindy Care provide a program that enables children to learn and explore in an enriching environment. We aspire to provide secure, engaging, and creative experiences each day. This is achieved through a variety of play areas and enjoyable activities that support your child’s growth.


What we provide:

At Kindy Care, your children will enjoy and be supplied with:

  • A safe and fun childcare environment.
  • Multiple play areas and activities.
  • Qualified and dedicated team members.
  • Stimulating learning opportunities.

What you should bring:

Kindy Care asks only for parents to provide:

  • A shady hat for outside play.
  • A spare set of clothes.
  • A change of underclothes (particularly if your child is toilet training).
  • Any necessary nursery supplies (i.e. nappies, formula, etc.)
  • Food for the duration of the day.

Our play areas:

With ample space for learning and play, Kindy Care’s exciting facilities include:

  • The Fairy Garden — Enhanced by a beautiful mural painted by the very talented and local Suzie-May Camm, our Fairy Garden has fairies, gnomes, and delightful opportunities for play and imagination.
  • The Cave — Home to some rather large dinosaurs, the Cave and Dinosaur Park is adored by children and parents alike.
  • The Worm Farm — Children love our Wildlife Play Area and Worm Farm, where they are able to care for animals and make a contribution to the centre.
  • The Vege Patch — With a vegetable patch, multiple flower gardens, and a new water tank, Kindy Care provides many ways for children to care for plants and witness the results of their efforts.
  • The Sand Pit — Fully covered and kept clean, the sand pit is filled with soft and therapeutic sand that calms and entertains children of all ages. Our sand play area also features a large fort, complete with fireman pole.
  • The Mail Boxes — Made from a large piece of canvas, our personalised mail boxes give each child a special space to store their drawings or notes for families.

Our excursions:

Kindy Care is privileged to play a role in your child’s education and growth. We aim to prepare children for their future years with wide education opportunities. Children who will be venturing into Prep 1 in the following year are treated to weekly visits to the local school. Each Wednesday, we travel to the Central State School and join the Prep 1 classes. This allows our young children to learn more about their future schooling, and eases any anxieties they may have about their first day of school.

In return, children from the Central State School occasionally visit Kindy Care to join our educational activities.

Our open door policy:

At Kindy Care, we love for parents and family members to get involved. That means we encourage you to visit the centre, join activities, assist with excursions, and share hobbies at your leisure.

Happening Soon

Wednesday, November 16th
Kindy and family photos
Every Second Wednesday
We go to the local Primary School to attend B4 Learning
Every Thursday, 9-10am
This term we have a kindy sports program at the local primary school
Every Friday, 10am
Music teacher is coming

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